Method & Vision

On the global marketplace


Our quick transaction solution is a more efficient way to manage multiple transactions of the same type performed on your account.


Tradeano is a centralized exchange and coins are stored in cold wallets. Only some amounts are kept in the hot wallet to handle withdrawal requests.


With our good memory matching system of MB per second, you can easily gather and safeguard your coins and exploit any pump without losing out on a sudden dip.


With Tradeano, our experienced technicians can provide you with immediate assistance in order to delimit the defect with you or even solve it.


Firms that reduce their operational and marginal costs have the best chance of long-term profitability. In the long run, future miners who fully comprehend the long-term microeconomic forces will be more competitive and successful.


BSC is a double framework that enables many DeFi universe features, such as asset swaps between blockchains and full smart contract support. Consider BSC to be a supplement to the BC network.

Tradeano (TRAD)

Our Airdrop and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will run till threshold reached..


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Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Supported Wallets

List of some wallets that support TRAD Token.

Binance Wallet
D`Cent Wallet
Guarda Wallet
imToken Wallet
Ledge Nano S
Math Wallet
MetaMask Wallet
SFP Wallet
Token Pocket Wallet
Trust Wallet
What is TRAD?

TRAD is an official token of Tradeano Exchange developed on BEP-20.

Airdrop Tokens can be withdrawan after completion of Airdrop and ICO Process.

Airdrop will end on 15th Sep 2022, but it may end soon if airdrop supply exceed.

Yes, You can directly withdraw Airdrop Tokens to Tradeno Exchange or any BEP-20 supported wallets.

TRAD Total supply is 510M, from which 50% is locked until 31st July 2024.

How can i participate in Airdrop ?

Just Register an Account here & complete the following task.

Yes, You will get 10 TRAD for referring anyone, by using your unique referal url.

No, you dont need to undergo for any KYC to claim Airdrop.